5-Stage approach

Stage 1: Establish a Scope Of Work
We learn everything we can about your company. This is distilled into a project summary which outlines the scope of work, your value proposition, competitive advantages, benefits of dealing with your firm, target markets, industry background, the competitive landscape and anything else which will help us professionally represent your company. When we have established all of the requirements, we are ready to go to work on new business development.


Stage 2: Create Targeted Prospect Lists
The insights we harvest from Stage 1 give us the criteria we need to develop targeted prospect lists. We call it commercial profiling. Our research specialists will develop custom prospect lists based on your selective requirements. Our profiling criteria will include targeted industry segments and sub-segments, geography, company size, annual sales volume, employee headcount and other relevant filters. We assemble these lists from multiple sources and proprietary research methods. We eliminate duplicates, existing clients and prospects. The result is a well-defined prospect list exclusive to your campaign.


Stage 3: Lead Generation Campaign
Next up, it is the turn of our business development specialists. Using the custom prospect lists from Stage 2, we kick-start your sales lead generation campaign. Our methods range from traditional phone calls to new social media outlets. Decision makers and influencers will be identified. We engage in an open dialogue with your potential buyers and explore how your services would be a fit. Qualified sales opportunities are identified and quickly transitioned to the next step in the sales process-engagement with your firm.