custom web developer closes deal with two private colleges +$85,000
green energy firm inks 3 year contract with 55 location restaurant chain +$50,000
video conferencing company sells solution to new jersey charter school +$30,000
hr consulting firm writes reoccuring revenue agreement with security services firm +$9,000
utah software development firm receives 300th qualified lead from watson black
florida ad agency receives 26 qualified leads in the first two weeks of campaign

90 Day Trial Period
Our standard agreement includes a three month trial period to allow new clients to gauge the effectiveness of our new business development efforts. You have the opportunity to extend your marketing campaign, or not, based on actual performance. This provides limited downside and considerable upside potential.


Performance Guarantee
We maximize the return of your marketing dollars with our simple Performance Guarantee. Watson Black only requires payment for the deliverables successfully executed as outlined in our custom proposal. Performance-based fees are only payable to Watson Black Limited for leads that result in new business revenue.